New Patient Appointment

90 minutes: $175

This 90 minute session allows the time needed for the initial intake, assessments, and your first therapy session. Kristy may use a variety of techniques to create a customized treatment based on your individual needs.

Any number of massage therapy and/or bodywork modalities may be utilized during your session.

Focus is placed on finding the most effective combination for your individual needs. 

Following your session, Kristy will share her observations and will recommend a plan of care based on your health goals. Subsequent treatments are scheduled for 60 minutes.

Please contact Kristy directly to schedule your New Patient appointment.

60 minute session

60 minutes: $125

One hour massage therapy session.

Structural Integration

Structural integration employs soft tissue manipulation with the goal of realigning the body in relationship to the force of gravity. The theory underlying structural integration asserts that often the body's connective tissue is “bound up”, thus restricting opposing muscles from working independently of one another. Thus, we aim to loosen the restricted connective tissue by using a practice very similar to deep tissue massage. Practitioners typically prescribe a specific sequence of ten sessions lasting between 75 and 90 minutes in order to “unlock” the whole body.